Hello and welcome to the Gen-Y Blog!

What’s up? It’s me, Chloe Mays, a recent graduate of the University of Chicago who moved to Los Angeles on a whim to pursue a career in talent management. I am passionate about the entertainment industry and helping artists to achieve their full potential in the marketplace. I love playing the bass, snowboarding, writing, and going to concerts. I am addicted to laughter, and I’m a fan of all things quirky, geeky, and weird.

The original goal of this blog was to examine the unique perspective of Generation Y on world happenings – looking at how my generation responds to new challenges the world brings to them and how this cohort of individuals develops its united character over time. However, I realize that my high school goal of coming up with a blog that attempts to capture the Millennial identity was misguided and naive. While my generational cohort may be united by some shared experiences related to our temporal position in history, there is no way that I could capture one cohesive generational perspective on world events.

Now I come to this blog with a new goal in mind. Instead of attempting to relay my fellow Millennial’s experiences to you, I will instead write about what it is like to be a young adult discovering their identity  and facing the challenges this world throws at us. While this blog will obviously be skewed towards my own personal interests, I hope to share some insight on what it means to us to be grow up as a member of Generation Y.