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University of the People

The world’s first FREE accredited college opens its doors next month (April 2009).

The University of the People is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing universal access to quality, online post-secondary education and is comprised of numerous volunteers from all around the world. Many of these volunteers are regular members of university faculties; others are active professionals—business administrators, librarians, computer programmers, economists
and educators.

There is still an admissions process, so apply early.  You won’t be working with teachers, instead students will complete assignments working as peer groups.

Founder and President Shai Reshef is doing a wonderful thing.   I think this will have an even more far reaching impact. The University of the People provides hope and opportunity that is sorely needed in this economic climate.


  1. Bill says:

    OK…this sounds like something out of the ’60’s. Is it for real?

  2. Bridget says:

    As a college student working on paying for school and books this sounds like a great idea, but I’m a bit skeptical. I doubt that this is legit. And if it is, there are lots of question that I have regarding the word “free.” One of these being will books be provided?

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